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Software program creates virtual gated community to protect kids ages 3-11
on the Internet

PLANO, Texas, July 9 /PRNewswire/ — NoodleNet L.P., creator of the
safest parental tool for families to learn, play and explore on the
Internet, announced today the launch of NoodleNet(TM), a revolutionary new
computer program designed to create a safe, fun and engaging online
environment for children ages 3-11. Unlike other computer security programs
for children, NoodleNet delivers a secure gated community with simple
controls for parents and age-appropriate content pre-loaded for instant
access to hundreds of screened games, books, videos, puzzles and online
activities. The proprietary software can be purchased, downloaded and
installed in just minutes, locking into the operating system of any PC to
create a safe environment from the inside-out.

With more than 77 Million children online, the rapidly changing
landscape of the Internet has created the need for a secure, gated
community. “The relevancy today of both parental involvement and the need
for a safe online environment has never been more evident,” said Michael
Callahan, president of NoodleNet. “All of us here at NoodleNet are focused
on leveraging our expertise and technology to create a truly unique
consumer offering modeled around the family — one that will make
meaningful impact in the lives of children. We are delivering an experience
that truly enables the whole family or the individual child to explore the
Internet without the parent or guardian ever having to worry or fear what
their child may encounter. This is our assurance that children will not
intentionally or unintentionally view inappropriate material online or
access your desktop files.”
NoodleNet goes beyond commercial off-the-shelf programs or websites
that focus on either parental controls or content delivery by creating a
truly safe environment on the computer. NoodleNet utilizes an expert team
of educational, child development and psychology professionals to actively
review and approve all website URLs and content made available to its
users. In combination with a dynamic web interface and age-appropriate
content, NoodleNet puts all access and program control in the hands of
parents, grandparents or caregivers. With NoodleNet, children will be
unable to get out of the safe environment and others will be unable to get
in — as if in a virtual gated community. Through its robust, but
easy-to-use parental controls, NoodleNet can be customized to quickly add
access to children’s favorite websites; as well as, programs and games
already on the PC.
“The driving force behind the formation of NoodleNet is a passion for
bringing education to life — for keeping children connected with their
natural instincts to learn and explore,” said Benny Barton, founder and CEO
of NoodleNet. “NoodleNet has assembled a one-of-a-kind management team that
combines not only a unique set of skills but also a shared commitment to
children — both of which will be invaluable to the company’s near and long
term success.
Based in Plano, TX, the company’s management team is comprised of well
respected software industry veterans and executives; including, NoodleNet
founder and CEO Benny Barton as well as President Michael Callahan, most
recently a Vice President of Technical Support and Customer Service at
McAfee. For a free 7-day trial, parents and secondary caregivers can
download the program by visiting NoodleNet is
currently available on an annual subscription basis with upfront and
monthly payment options.
About NoodleNet
NoodleNet L.P., based in Plano, Texas, is creator of the safest
parental tool for families to learn, play and explore on the Internet.
NoodleNet bridges the gap between parental controls and content delivery to
create a unique Internet environment with age-appropriate content in which
children can explore learn and share safely. NoodleNet is available on a
monthly and annual subscription basis. For more information, visit
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