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We have a top 5 list of things you can do to lower your electric bill and help save the environment a little, at home and at work.

1. Turn If Off!
It may be glaringly obvious but, when you’re not using it, turn your computer off! don’t leave it on overnight or when you go out etc.
Unplug it too – even your computer is ‘shut down’ there is still power to the motherboard, enough to light a USB hub or power a USb device.

2.  Upgrade
Upgrade that old beige, desk-hog of a CRT monitor.  Loose the zip drive. Re-think the 486 processor.  Newer equipment does end to consume less power.

energystar.jpg3. Go Energy Star Compliant [site]
The US Government has an ‘Energy Star’ compliance program. Products labeled as ‘Energy Star compliant’ have to pass certain energy saving standards.  This has been around for years, I remember the logo from when I started building computers many moons ago.
Look for the logo on the products you’re buying.

4.  Dim Your Monitor
Is your screen at full brightness all the time? Just dimming your monitor can save energy and your eyesight too.

5. Spin Down your Hard Drive
Hard drive are spinning pretty constantly.  Check out your energy savings control panel (in Windows, where you change your screensaver) to slow down, or stop your hard drive after a certain amount of computer inactivity.