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Read/WriteWeb posted an article on the ‘Top 10 Worst Web App Names’ .

Here are some tips for picking a domain name.

  1. Use Tubu Domains
  2. Make is brief (the shorter the name, the more in demand it is)
  3. Make it easy to spell and pronounce. You’ll be writing it and telling it to people in person a lot.  This helps, believe me.
  4. Make it unique, other domain owners can get angry when your domain name looks like theirs.
  5. Try to have it say something about what you do. Get the message across.

<here’s the article>

Here’s the TechBurgh take on them

Before Read/WriteWeb’s list I’d like to add my own.



eBay’s take on Craigslist.  To me it sounds like a baby chewing on a rattle.


  1. Fairtilizer

An online music community who’s name has nothing to do with the site.

  1. Profilactic

(just so you know the difference)
"Profilactic: preventing an online identity crisis"
"Prophylactic: A preventive measure. The word comes from the Greek for "an advance guard," an apt term for a measure taken to fend off a disease or another unwanted consequence."
It’s a social network agregrator.
Nice idea but I’d have chosen something else.

  1. Gravee

*currently down*

  1. LicketyShip

A take on the phrase ‘lickety-split’, meaning ‘to do quickly’.  I actually kind of like this one, it’s easay to remember and it gets the point across press well.

  1. Oyogi

Expert knowledge sharing. Ask a question and you’ll get some answers.
Great concept and I can see where (I think) the name is going.

  1. LayOffSpace

Social networking for the unemployed.
My first thought would be that it’s full of employer hate  stories, crazy money making schemes and the depressed.

  1. iStalkr

A lifestreaming application that tracks your RSS feeds.  Definate stalker possibilities.

  1. Agester

"Agester is a new community where you can Guess people’s age, find out how old you look, and Meet new people. Best of all, it’s free!"

  1. Hoooka

Onlie store for sharing music, video and photos.
The name says it all with this one. Also, I don’t like the triple ‘o’.

  1. Qoop

For users to create and sell content.  Did you realize it looks the same forwards as it does backwards ‘qoop’.  How would you say it?