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There has been lots of talk recently about the Netflix price drop.

Some people have said that is because Blockbuster is putting the ‘squeeze’ on them. Others have said it’s going to affect their profits.

I call it simple business and nothing to make news, rant, rave or worry about.

Yes, profits may drop if any company drops the price of its product. Then again profits may soar due to the price being more attractive.

Yes, Blockbuster is putting the ‘squeeze’ on Netflix. It’s competition!

Competition is a good thing. Maybe not for the losing customer, but it’s essentially good for the customer, right?

I’m still using Netflix, I have for years and I don’t plan on moving to Blockbuster any time soon. Also, I’d recommend Netflix over Blockbuster to anyone who asks.

Am I crazy? am I looking at this too simply?

I’d be interested in your thoughts.