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Do you use a laptop or desktop?
For school I use a laptop but I use both.

Apple or PC?

What’s your favorite gadget and why?
My favorite gadget would have to be a mp3 player. For it’s amount of songs carried on one sole item.

What do you use your computer for most?
I use my computer for school purposes the most. I go to school online so that’s a big part of it.

Do you watch TV & Movies on TV or your computer?
I’m one to go to the theater but I have watched one movie on the computer. Maybe I’ll become more custom to doing so.

Favorite web site/s?
My favorite website is it keeps me in contact with old friends.

How has tech most affected your life?
Tech has made my life simple. The hassle of carrying a CD case along, or writing up a 10 page paper is not such a nuisance. I don’t like writing papers but technology as abled me to do so in a faster way.