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*I need to point out, though I was the first to blog about Bacn I did not think it up. I was part of a group and it was truly a group effort. I don’t want to take the credit. See Thanks :)*

Click here for the official Bacn web site

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‘Bacn’ is an emerging web 2 term. Already being widely used.
Putting it bluntly, ‘bacn’ is:

"Notifications you want. But not right now"

You know all those notifications, newsletters, project notifications, updates etc. that you sign up for and really, really want to keep up to date on but don’t seem to have the time for right now? (and now, and now, and now).

Well, that is ‘bacn’

Use it like this:

"I’m reading through my bacn"

"I got so much bacn today!"

"Dude, enough with the bacn already!"