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I have to admit that I have gotten my Blackberry wet. I’m a volunteer firefighter (in my spare time) and have put my phone in my gear on calls.
It has been for a dip in deep, nasty water before now during a firecall and lived to tell the tale unscathed. Kudos to RIM.

*some of these methods have been proven to work. However On your own head be it. We take no responsibiity. Sorry)*

But what do you do if you get your mobile device wet? (being splashed or completely submerged, or dropped in the toilet as so often happens)

  • Leave it turned off!

Let the device dry out for at least 24 hours. You’ll be tempted, believe me but leave it turned off. A little charge to the wet circuitry will fry it. Let the poor thing be.

  • Pull it apart

Take out the battery, take out the sim card, take out the memory card, remove the antenna if you can.
Set them all aside somewhere safe.

  • Let/help it dry

There are three things that work wonderfully here and you’re going to think I’m crazy… you’re the one who soaked your phone and came here for help :-p

  • Rice (uncooked of course)

Put your device in a tub of uncooked rice. Cover your device. Put the lid on the container and visit again after 24 hours (at least).

The idea here is that the rice absorbs the moisture from the device while not messing it up.

  • Cat Litter (unused of course) (the silicon gel kind is best. make sure its not powdery at all)

The theory here is the same as the rice. Put the cate litter into a container. Add your device and cover it. Put the lid on the container and visit it at least 24 hours later.

  • Befriend your local audiologist

Hearing aides get wet regularly. Audiologists have a little box (worth about $100) which is made to dry out electronics. If you’re really nice to your local audiologist, flutter your eyelids or flash some leg or something they might let you use it.


  • Give it a try

I can’t guarantee it will work as well as it did, if at all but the above can’t hurt.

Blackberry users – I have heard that you can warm (not cook) your Blackberry device in the oven for a couple of hours to dry it out.

There are other wives tales out there that people tell you to try. One of which is to put it in vodka. Apparently the vodka dries quicker and cleaner than water. Two problems here – you’re resoaking it and it’s vodka!


Let me know if any of this helps….. or not.