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imageSometimes the ‘old’ technology works.

Pet tracking chips are all well and good but they can be costly, hard to find and the vet needs a special reader per chip (there is no ‘chip standard’) so, if your pet has one type of chip and the vet has another type of reader it makes it worthless.

This is where the USB rescue collar comes in.

The PetSafe Micro I.D. Rescue Collar for Dogs is a USB unit that your furry little friend wears on its collar. the device contains a small USB flash drive.



There are a number of wonderful things with this idea.

1. you can edit the information contained on the device yourself

2. Any computer can read it.

3. There is no surgery involved

4. Heck you could make it yourself


Great idea and a long time coming. Can I make a suggestion though?  put one in a little barrel for the St. Bernards 🙂