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BW Name:
Lisa  (Nekomimi_Lisa)

28 going on 10

lots of places, but lately, NYC!

Livecaster (pro bono), Admin, swim coach, massage therapist), cat supervisor (I pay to do that!)

Do you use a laptop or desktop?
I use 2 laptops and 2 desktops depending on where I’m webcasting.  Laptop is key to being mobile whether that’s inside or out.

Apple or PC? 
Notebooks: PC.  1 desktop: PC, 1 desktop: Mac

What’s your favorite gadget and why?
I love cameras!  They are at the heart of what I do.  Without a good camera, how can you express what you want to webcast?  I have to give props out to my router too.  Oh dearest wireless router, how would I function without invisible tentacles?

What do you use your computer for most?
Webcasting and admin work.  Mostly.  Sometimes I try and control my cats’ brains.  Don’t try this at home.

Do you watch TV & Movies on TV or your computer?
I really never watch "tv" online.  The web is not a passive place.  I’ll save the passive mode for the real HDTV, the couch and a sushi snack!

Favorite web site/s?
in no particular order:, ,,,,

How has tech most affected your life? 
Wow, well, if you webcast all the time, it pretty much infects you like a friendly virus.  Increased communication.  I suppose that would sum it up.  I use the "medium" of the webcast as a form of heightened expression.   I want you to feel my world the way I do.  Anyway, it used to take me 30 minutes to get out of my apartment.  All this camera moving and such adds on another 15 minutes 🙂

Do you have any web sites you’d like listed with your feature?,

and more to come!

Anything else? 
Meow baby, and don’t forget the content.