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I don’t often agree with girls singing in pop videos but I have to say I do on this point. I’m going to out and say it – there are phones on the market which are a lot more masculine than the iPhone. (fight…. NOW!)

"Where did that come from?" I hear you ask. Well, I saw music video by Obama Girl today in which she kind of disses iPhone users and it got me to thinking.  She’s right!  (video and pictures to follow).

“He whipped out his iPhone and started to play,
I told him I don’t really get down that way,
I need a man defending the USA,
Land of the free and the home of the brave”.

There is some thought behind this, I’m not just ranting here. One of the main reasons I don’t have an iPhone is because I can guarantee within 30 minutes of getting my hands on it I would mess the thing up. Heck, if Kevin Rose can do it I know I would. I just don’t want to spent that much money on something that can and will be broken.

Ladies I put this to you.  If you were to judge a man by his phone alone which would you pick?

The hardworking, dropped, used, abused, scuffed, scraped, dinged, dented Blackberry (oh, the background image is a fire truck)


the slim, slender, tender, expensive, "hey, I have an iPhone". fragile, iPhone


Take a look at the Obama girl video.