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Are you always on Twitter? do you know lots of people on Twitter? Do you find yourself posting links to many of your really interesting blog posts on Twitter? Well, read on to find out why and how your blog needs to ‘Tweet’.

I’ve noticed that lots of the bigger blogs and new channels etc. have set up twitter accounts just for the blog.

Why are they doing this?

Twitter allows you to communicate with your fan/reader/viewer base. It’s that simple.

Under the guise of your blog you can you can tweet your blog posts for your twitter friends to see.  Also, if you leave your blog twitter profile your tweets will be displayed in the public time line and will be available for search engines to look up.

Using TwitterFeed you can have your blog ‘auto post’ to your twitter feed. It’s free to set up a TwitterFeed account, you put tap in your chosen twitter account details and put in your blog RSS. Chose how often you want it to post and how many posts to post and you’re set.

Don’t drive people crazy by auto-posting 5 articles every 5 minutes. That’s pretty much the equivalent of you throwing twitter bacn at your friends all day long.

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If you have or end up setting up a twitter account for your blog, be sure to post the address in the comments and let us know. .

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