Select Page is apparently the most extreme Internet game show and it’s coming online soon.
The guys from WouldYou72 caught up with a few people at the Podcast and Media Expo and asked them what they’d do for 72 hours straight (no sleep) and what they’d want as a prize for it.

Justine Ezarik (iJustine) claimed that she would text for 72 hours straight and that she’d want dinner with Steve Jobs.  What?!  fanatical much? (lots of ‘diggers’ agree) I challenge Justine to get out of that rut, broaden her horizons a little and do something different ( I have some worthwhile, credible ideas)


Alex Albrecht (one of my boys from Diggnation and the Totally Rad Show) said that he’d do 72 power hours, drinking a shot of beer (Miller Light) every 60 seconds for 72 hours and that he’d want a car (not a good mix) Wow, that’s 4320 shots. It doesn’t take Energy Fiend to tell us that your kidneys wouldn’t appreciate that and you’d most likely die.