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imageThis isn’t really ‘tech’ but I guess it kinda could be.
I got something in my mail this morning (thanks Brian) so I’m going to get on my soap box and preach some.

Actually reminds me of a call a certain fire company had recently where they showed up to help a little old lady in a wheelchair, she saw the second engine show up and asked "How much is this going to cost me?!" to which the Chief replied "umm nothing".  It’s what we do.

Anyway – I’d like to challenge Social media/Social networking types out there to help their local Volunteer Fire Department.
I’d like to see Justine Ezarik drill with our fire company, make some videos, interview some people, make some funny and increase some worthwhile exposure.

It pains me that an iPhone, an iPhone bill, a tattoo etc. etc can gain such online exposure and make money from it. Can’t those powers be used for ‘good’?

Can’t the Internet and Social media help hurting fire departments?

Couldn’t someone popular make a couple of popular videos, I’m sure there are enough firefighters out there to make it go viral, maybe the ad revenue from said clips could benefit a fire company that serves it’s public, who’s firefighters risk their lives, all for free.

I know there are many causes out there who can make the same claims etc. but Social media, tech and fire departments are all areas that I have a passion for.

Fire departments are hurting for members and simple recognition all over the country, can’t we increase some online exposure. Please?

Yes, this is a challenge for iJustine! will she take it?

Drop a comment – lets start something.