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Do you feel like your computer has fallen victim to the living dead? I
s your computer showing signs of botnet or malware possession?
Has your PC fallen mysteriously ill due to a…VIRUS?

Well, from October 31, 2007 until November 1, 2007 at 9AM PST, CyberDefender is playing Ghostbusters by offering a whole day of free technical support! Any computer user can contact them at (877) 377 – 3765 for free support. It seems like I constantly hear about people needing a technical resolution, but can’t always pay the $50+ fees.
Most people are not fortunate enough to be able to solve these problems on their own. Granted, this is an opportunity for CyberDefender to get more customers on board, but I think it’s great and speaks volumes about their company. It’s very clear that they stand by their products and knowledge. Thank you for the Happy Halloween, CyberDefender!

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