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Tech Toys Will Be Hot This Year

(ARA) – When today’s parents were kids, they asked Santa for remote control cars, dolls and Atari games. Fast forward 20 years or so, and how times have changed. These days, kids are growing up with computers and are fully grasping the Internet much faster and at younger ages.

Realizing that the Internet can enhance the way children play, toy makers launched a whole new category of products for all ages at the American International Toy Fair in New York City earlier this year. The toys all interact with the Internet and provide greater play value.

“Kids today want toys that make their playtime much more dynamic, by giving them super powers to fight against evil or letting them raise their own virtual pet but without all the mess,” says Colleen Sherfey, director of marketing for Bandai America, a leader in the action figure and youth electronics categories. “Our new toys immediately engage kids of all ages by allowing them to interact with their friends, both offline and online, ensuring that these products have the staying power to be a favorite all year long.”  

Here’s what you need to know about some of the hot tech toys kids will be asking Santa for this year:

* Power Rangers Mega Mission Helmet
After 15 consecutive years of chart topping success, every kid’s favorite superheroes have gone high-tech. Surprise the little boy in your life with the Power Rangers Mega Mission Helmet, a wearable helmet that connects to the home computer via a USB cable.  Parents and kids can then easily download over 20 two-minute role-play adventures into the helmet.  Each mission features simulated sounds and Power Ranger phrases from the show, allowing kids to imagine themselves as their favorite hero in real life.

* Tamagotchi Connection V4.5 & PC Pack
Remember the world’s first virtual pet? When it first came on the scene in the late 1990s, Tamagotchi was all about experiencing what it’s like to raise a real pet but without the fuss. Today it’s this and more, as kids get to go to school and then choose a career for their virtual pet character.  Fans can also log onto and play games, go shopping and more.  With the new PC Pack, kids can take the Tamagotchi experience onto their computer with a microphone and voice-activation software that allows them to interact with a desktop character, which can dance onscreen, fetch e-mail and more.

* Girlz Connect LocketPal
For the tech savvy “girl on the go,” LocketPal features a touch screen and stylus that unlocks four categories of interactive activities, including games, a horoscope finder and friendship matchmaker.  It also has a mood meter, which operates much like a “mood ring” for today’s younger generation.  Girls can use the phone book, calendar and alarm to stay connected with their friends to plan fun group outings.  LocketPal’s portable yet colorful design means that it can be clipped to purses, backpacks and even belt loops.

* Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix
Ever wonder what it’s like to transform into an awesome alien with super powers? Well wonder no more with the help of the new Deluxe Omnitrix role-play toy based on the hit Cartoon Network series Ben 10. This toy is packed with power in the form of a fun LCD game screen that features all the aliens from the show and offers multiple modes of play.  The final battle mode has kids racing against the clock to defeat the evil alien character Vilgax.  It also features flashing lights and sound effects to increase the action.

All the above gift ideas can be found online and at all major retailers nationwide. Just don’t wait until the last minute or you may miss out on some of the hottest toys of the year. Happy shopping!

Courtesy of ARAcontent