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Why is is that most things online have to do with Food? what is this telling us about our generation?

Another food related Tech term looms on the horizon to join the likes of Bacn and Spam, feeds, (how about byte?), it is ‘Media Snacking’.
Actually, this term has been around for a little while, I’m not one to jump on the new term bandwagon too quickly though (see Bacn :-p)

What is Media Snacking? well, it’s a small article, something short, a bite sized synopsis of an article. TechBurgh has been doing this for a while.

There are Media Snackers and Media Snacking.

This seems to be something that the ADD-esque, youth of today seem to be gobbling up. (pun intended).
Services like Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce make it easy for people to post small amounts of information to others to ‘snack’ on.

I think Chris Brogan is a prime example of someone who caters to Media Snackers. If you follow him on Twitter you’ll find that he has seemingly limitless probing questions and pieces of information.

It’s not just us kids who are into this though – media in general is getting on board.

I think it’s all a case of broadening headlines as it were. You read this because you saw the headline, right?  often there’ll be something to ‘snack’ on and then you click the read more if the article interests you.

It’s about being given and taking the information that is being fed to you.

People have evolved past (and are evolving past) sitting through or reading through masses of information to find what they need.

Blogs tend to keep information short, podcasts are short, it takes only a second to Google something.


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