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If you’ve ever tried to find a great price on your tech stuff online (because no-one goes to the store to buy tech stuff unless they really, really have to, right?) you know that you need a ‘go-to’ site or two to get your customer service and prices and delivery and in-stock and everything.

Well, I came across – it’s a really sweet site that has all of the above and more.

The site is really in-depth and can be a little intimidating at first but it’s really asily searchable and breaks down really easily. is a constantly updated (24/7 365) site that lists all the greatest deals on the latest and greatest tech from many different stores around the web. They even set up exclusive deals with a lot of places.

If you’re serious about getting a great deal there are e-newsletters and RSS feeds to keep you up to date with what is out there.

The site, as basic as it is, without fancy bells and whistles is good because you get all your data in one place, where you need it.

A couple more things that I think are nice about are the coupons, comparisons and custom lists.

Check out for discount computers and more