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This is a green post – don’t worry, we’re not about to hug a tree, just make life a little easier in the long run, because that’s what we’re about.

Computer Recycling and Electronics Recycling is never easy. There is always an old computer or stereo or something or other laying around your place somewhere, well, if you’re a tech type like me there is.

Creative Recycling has a great idea, great service and a wonderful web site to go along with it all.
With multiple locations and a really large service area covering most of the southeastern USA there’s even less of an excuse to not recycle your equipment.  Creative Recycling even picks up!

With awards, certifications and affiliations Creative Recycling is obviously a company that can and will do the job.

How much Electronic Reycling do you need to do? Do you recycle your equipment at all?  How do you do it?

Oh, the site is worth a look in itself 🙂


(this post was inspired by PayPerPost.  We mean every word though.  See our disclosure here)