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Aren’t blogs great?! is a great blog about….well… the planet.

The blog is full of useful, green information. It’s also makes for a great central point to read, learn, share, and discuss green ideas.

The TechBurgh blog has always been a proponent of green technologies, there are posts about green things all the time.

The one section that caught my eye on was the solar power. Solar Power is, in my humble opinion, an area where there isn’t enough being done.
Many moons ago, when I was in high school, hmm must have been 1995, we were given the task to make something or other and I seized the opportunity to solar power a little car.
The small, palm-sized car was mounted with 4 small solar panels, courtesy of British Petroleum and it actually worked! is a well designed, easy to read, understandable, blog about everyone in general needs to know about living greener, saving money, energy and making life a little better all round.

Do you do your part to live green? do you have solar panels or use any type of renewable energy? Drop a comment about it, let us know.

Be sure to read about Solar Power at


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