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I know there are a lot of you out there who like your morning (and rest of the day) coffee.

How about seeing the face of your significant other on your coffee mug? (because having your own on there would be a little strange) It’s a great way to not get your drink confused with anyone elses at the office! has a great photo mugs site where you can customize your mug to pretty much how you want it.

Unlike other photo mug sites doesn’t just slap a photo on a mug and send it off to you.  They make it a personal gift, jut for you.

The personalization is free and the mugs are good quality and inexpensive.

What makes different is the thousands of ready made graphic art images you can add to your photo to truly make it yours.

Be sure to check the site regularly too – a little bird tells me that there are lots of wonderful discounts if you keep an eye out.


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