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There are countless applications out there that are supposed to take care of computer remote access stuff. What sets RemotePC aside from the rest?

Well, firstly RemotePC isn’t free.  Subscriptions cost $4.95 per month for  one host or $9.95 for three hosts.  Of course the pricing changes with the number of hosts you need to sign up. they have yearly pricing if you want to save a little.

the software sits on the host (your remote or customer) computer and allows you to connect to it through most firewalls, the logins are fast, the host doesn’t need a static IP either.

A couple of nice touches are the desktop sharing, which allows you and your friends to view the desktop on the host computer (up to 10 people) and the easy file transfer, which is often the reason you’re connecting remotely anyway.

The price is good – the software works – there is a 30 day free trial.

Check out and try it for yourself.


[this post was inspired by PayPerPost. We mean every word though. See our disclosure here]