Select Page has more than 500 handy online travel guides for cities all over the world.

By ‘trade’, is a hotel booking web site and offers the travel guides as a nice little extra.

I checked out the Pittsburgh Guide (of course) and easily found a lengthily, detailed description of the city and surrounding areas. 
What’s nice is that there is a quick booking box right there to check for hotels and availability as well as many other links categorized nicely and just right there showing weather, attractions, hotels, tourism resources and even blog posts (which gets my vote 🙂 )

Something else I noticed (because I’m geeky like this) is the site addressing.
For example the address ‘ takes me to the Pittsburgh guide so, in theory, if I change the city name in the address to somewhere like Philadelphia it should take me to that guide. Which is does. It seems silly but this is a nice touch, you’d be surprised how many people would benefit from something simple like this.


p>So anyway, check out maybe even see an Australian Hotel Guide