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I know, ‘satchurating’ isn’t a word but it serves a purpose here.

There comes a point in the life of every blog where it gains pretty good Internet saturation, meaning that there are enough links to it from other sites and blog that it keeps up a level of visits from that alone.

There is probably a really complicated term and equation for it and I’ll leave that for Chris Brogan to figure out.

The idea is that you let other people refer traffic to you because you have something teribly interesting to say in either, or all, of three places.

1. Direct Referrals

These come from people who read your blog. Creating something of a cycle. Your readers think that your writing is great and tell others by emailing them or they link to the article directly. Their readers follow the links to your site.

2. Commenting

I have three rules in commenting. 1, Comment 2, Comment and 3, Comment.
Believe it or not, people read blog comments. Blog authors read comments. I know for sure that if (which is rare) I get a comment on an article and they list a web site I’m going to check out the site.
There are a lot of blog readers who enjoy checking out the blogs of those who have made interesting comments.

3. Linking

TrackBacks are magical little things.
When you link to an article in another blog from your blog a trackback is created. A lot of the time the blog author knows about this trackback (they sometimes get a notification), other times trackbacks are listed under the article you linked to.
Again, this is an author and reader thing.
There is more chance of a trackback piquing my interest and me reading the blog than there is anything else.
Also, readers like to see who else is talking about the same or related topics.

Do you agree?