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We like to take a look at other blogs here on TechBurgh – it’s just what we do 🙂

The Thick Real Estate Blog came to my attention and I just had to write about it.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no real estate guru but this blog explains everything in a way that even I can understand. It’s a relevant, fresh, well designed blog. An example of a relevant, lay persons post to the blog would be the one written for Thanksgiving about why the houses in Plymouth need to be preserved.

According to the blog, Thick Real Estate is "designed to be ultimate resource for both agents and consumers" and by the looks of it they do a pretty darn job.
Like any blog, the writers appreciate your contact with them and your feedback and visibly encourage it. Which is nice.

So, check out a useful the Thick Real Estate Real Estate Blog


[This post was inspired by PayPerPost. We mean every word though. See our disclosure here]