Select Page has launched a new service that lets you connect to FaceBook, LinkedIn and Salesforce and more via your mobile device.

Millions are already doing it, why shouldn’t you? It’s just like a Swiss Army knife for your phone.

The idea is that MoDazzle acts as a portal for many, many of those services that we road warriors often find ourselves needing access to while on the road, accessing your services via email or SMS.

MoDazzle has obviously taken the time to think this through and put it together right without making it terribly complicated.

There are certain commands and messages that you can send to MoDazzle with your specific message to update your communities.

Currently supported communities are:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, VentureSource, Lavalife, Salesforce, Hoovers

There are lots of information services too:

  • Google Maps, Starbucks, ZoomInfo, Weather, Yelp, Stock Quotes, Flight Updates, Restaurant Reviews

Lots of useful services but nothing too frivolous. Just stuff that would be useful when away from the office and away from a computer.

Just being able to connect to Salesforce, LinkedIn and FaceBook through this service makes it worth while.
Being able to get your online contacts, customers, friends information through text and/or email is just great.

Of course being able to find the all important White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks or your favorite restaurant then that’s just gravy, right?

The site is really simple – no complicated setups or anything, just get your information in there and you’re ready to go.

So, check it out and find out how to Connect to Linked In and Salesforce via mobile