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When I was a child Dad would go all out at Christmas. We’d have lights everywhere, indoors and out. We even had rope light going up and down the stairs, woven in and out of the rails.

It looked great and wouldn’t have been Christmas without it. .

However, looking back I wish we’d have had access to LED lighting, we might have recieved better Christmas presents because the electric bill would have been lower!

For example, the new LED rope light uses about .47 watts per foot where the old stuff uses about 6 watts per foot. LED lighting lasts so much longer too, I’ve blogged about it before (and I’ll do it again) you can get more than 50,000 hours out of LEDs – that’s a few Christmas’

Don’t forget though, LEDs aren’t just for Christmas you can save money and energy all year long by lighting steps, handrails, windows, decks, patios, boats, RVs and more – the possibilities are endless.


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