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ranasobhanyheadshot Rana Sobhany is a Washington, DC-based public relations and marketing communications consultant specializing in creative brand building and image development for start-up companies in the technology, social media and youth markets.  She has vast experience in crafting integrating marketing campaigns and marketing communications/public relations programs in order to create and maintain solid brand identities. 
Rana is an expert at leveraging social media to produce highly successful grassroots initiatives and guerrilla marketing campaigns, and is adept at media coaching and interview training.   Best known for her work in the entertainment industry, her current projects include serving as Founder and CEO of RoleShare (

IMG_08571. Name 
Rana June Sobhany

2. Profession 
Serial Entrepreneur and Social Media Connoisseur

3. Apple or PC?
I’m in love with Steven Paul Jobs, as well as with Fake Steven Paul Jobs

4. Favorite thing about technology in general. 
To me, technology is more than just about functionality, it is about what it lets us do and in return, what it does to us.  I am passionate about the way technology brings people together, whether its fawning over the latest gadget or using Twitter to microblog. 
Social media is a revolution in the way we think about technology because it considers not only its intended uses, but also the wide-scale implications of how it affects and empowers us to interact and collaborate.

5. Do you have a favorite gadget? why? 
My iPhone, aptly and affectionately referred to as my iBoyfriend

6. Hobbies? 
Compulsively refreshing browsers, documenting my every move online, connecting with other new media aficionados, and debating the future of social technology over more coffee than should be humanly possible.

7. Favorite foods? 
Coffee, espresso, cappuccino, mocha.

8. Single, in a relationship? kids? 
Currently dating my iBoyfriend.  He’s quite a charmer.

9. Hometown?
McLean, Virginia

10. Favorite web sites? (and why) 
Twitter, Seesmic, Digg, Google Reader, TechCrunch, Valleywag, Engadget, TUAW, AdRants, Facebook and Perez Hilton (for fun!)

11.Favorite TV shows (and why) 
Notoriously obsessed with Entourage.