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I haven’t seen so many commercials on TV this year. I remember oodles of them being on the TV last year. Maybe I’m watching the wrong channels.

This year is running an All I want for Christmas Giveaway competition.

It’s a nice competition because it’s all about what you want for Christmas, the video (below) depicts a group of snowmen getting things they absolutely don’t need for Christmas. It has happened to all of us.


Each day of the contest they’re giving you the chance to win gifts you chose on the site valued up to $1000. They’re sharing the love too, if you invite friends to the competition (up to 5 of them) they’ll win too! 
Oh, because this isn’t enough you get entered to win five gifts worth up to $5000 too.
All you need to do is get onto and register and pick the prize you’d like to win.

It’s easy to enter and pick your gifts. I just did it to check it out.
You register on the competition site and then look around the vast selection of goods on the site then use the ’email to a friend’ link to mail your choice to the competition email address.

Of course I clicked right on the electronics and looked into the laptops. I looked up the Xtreme Raptor 250P laptop, mostly because it looks good 🙂 at a price of $979 I’d be coming pretty close too the $1000 too.