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You may, or may not, have noticed that we have added a Lijit search to the right of the blog.

This service came to my attention  when I installed it for a customer, I thought about it for a while and finally gave in. I guess my biggest issue was the way it would look on the blog.

Lijit lets you add a search box onto your site or blog that searches through content that you tell it to. It makes it easy for you to add your favorite social networking sites to the search. i.e Facebook, Blinklist, bluedot, digg, furl, reddit and stumbleupon.
You can add others and even add other sites to your search network so that whenever a user searches from your site they can get results from other reliable sources of your choosing.

This makes up your search network.

When you do a Lijit search, the results come up in a nice overlay.� Give it a shot!

Oh, would you like your site added too the TechBurgh Search Network?� drop a comment and we’ll put you in there.