Select Page has expended out of it’s Texas focused market to cover the web as a whole.

Whether you’re searching for an apartment or already living in one is a great site for you to make the most out of all that has to do with apartment life.

The site isn’t just a search like so many others, it has tips, blogs, and stories too. They even hunt down pictures, videos, games and more from the web to give you some stress relief, which is nice 🙂

Looking at the site it’s really less a simple search and more a community.
The ‘MyPlace’ function lets you share your apartment living experiences with your friends and find fun stuff to do around where you live.

I didn’t really think you could ‘Web 2.0’ anything to do with apartment searches all that much but I’m pretty impressed with how the site is designed, the aesthetics and the little things it has tied into it.

Finally, something that I thought especially innovative is the fact that they have a really in-depth area for apartment managers.

Of course they can list their vacancies etc but they can match residents personalities with the community, text message residents, social network with tenants and more. 

Oh, yeah, that’s right! Landlords are people too!