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(written in European mode :-p)

“ello, ello, ello’image

The chequered  yellow and blue design, the flashing blue lights (there is no red) and the stealthily silence that is an electric scooter.

Police in Hampshire, England (kind of in the south) are soon to be testing the Vectrix Electric scooters as a part of their fleet.

Vectrix scooters are high performance electric powered scooters.


image The idea is of course to cut costs (gasoline petrol in the UK is a lot more costly than it is in the US) and be more environmentally friendly by putting officers on electric vehicles and pedal bicycles.
They’ll be great for sneaking up on villains too.

The bikes cost only about 20 pence to charge (currently 40 cents) and reach a top speed of 62mph and have a range of about 68 miles.

Hampshire is the first police force in the UK to reap the benefits of electric vehicles such as these. 

Hopefully transportation such as this will be adopted across he UK and even make it’s way to the USA (uh huh)

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