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imageWe like to cater to all of our readers’ needs.
We’ve had a number of subscribers who like too read the blog in a full feed and we’ve had others who like to skim the articles and get the partial feed.

Why subscribe? it’s such a hassle to go to the web site every day isn’t it? well, if you subscribe the blog comes to you!

Don’t forget we have email subscriptions too.

So, we’ve launched both flavors of feed.

It’s still kind of a beta thing so let us know if you’re having issues.

TechBurgh Full Feed
Subscribing tot this feed provides you with the full TechBurgh articles including images

TechBurgh Summary Feed
Subscribing to this feed gives you a summary of each article, to read the whole post you have to click a link.

TechBurgh Comments Feed
This subscribes you to the comments posted to the blog and where they were posted to. (we don’t get nearly enough comments – hint, hint)

TechBurgh Podcast Feed
This feed gives you the TechBurgh Podcast as it’s updated. With this you get to see Andy and Kaylynns smiling faces!