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image It’s not only your operating system, Internet connection, and hardware drivers that leave your computer system open to hardware vulnerabilities, your applications can do it too.  (yes, you’re just getting it from all sides).

Secunia makes a PSI (Personal Software Inspector) that quite happily sits on your computer and monitors your software to see what’s up to date and what isn’t. image

If you double-click on the icon in the taskbar to run the PSI Application you’re shown a dashboard where you can see charts depicting what’s up to date, what’s out of date, what’s been scanned and more.

Here’s what Secunia says:

  • Secure your PC. Patch your applications. Be proactive.
  • Scan for Insecure and End-of-Life applications.
  • Track your patch-performance week by week.
  • Direct and easy access to security patches.
  • Detect more than 300,000 unique application
  • Secunia PSI is free to download and use (totally free)

    It’s worth a shot – [download it here]