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imageThere’s a lot of cool stuff on the 123-reg blog. 123-Reg is one of the largest web hosts in the UK. One of the nice things about them is that they put a lot of knowledge and resources out there as well as just taking your business. The blog is worth a look.

They recently interviewed Chris Anderson who is the editor-in-chief for Wired Magazine (one of my favorites).
Chris came up with the ‘Long Tail’ theory which covers shifting focus from a small number of mainstream products to a huge number of niches.

The interview goes into giving things away in the digital domain to sell something else i.e free versions of something and paid versions of the same thing offering more functionality.

Chris discusses how ‘free’ doesn’t really mean that you make no money – take Google for example (which he does) they make crazy money on a daily basis but they give a vast amount of their stuff for free.


p>If you’re in business or marketing or any kind it’s an interesting read – it gave me some insight that’s for sure.