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image It’s not the guilty who need to protect their privacy online and digitally in general.

Sometimes you just want to clean up your computer, maybe you’re selling it, giving it away, gift shopping, maybe it’s your line of work, maybe you like to just keep things to yourself.

Computers store a whole lot of information that you don’t know about, they store a whole lot of information that you know about too.

Take your saved passwords, browser history, recently visited addresses, recently opened documents, auto complete and more for example – this is actually only the top of the iceberg your computer stores a lot of information about you and what you do on it that you don’t know about.

There are applications available like the Evidence Blaster that can take care of all your privacy needs in one shot – think of these applications like a silver bullet.

If nothing else just take a look at the Evidence blaster web site [here] to see your computer knows about you.

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