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Earlier this week the Financial Times said Paramount would be dumping the standard after Warner Brothers got behind Blu-Ray. Even without Paramount, Blu-Ray now has a lock on seventy percent of Hollywood’s output. So it’s still dark days for HD-DVD, so I’d start saving your pennies for a Blu-Ray player.

Frontline was a high-profile startup set to be a major bidder in this month’s spectrum auction. RCR Wireless broke the news that Frontline was calling it quits. Spectrum bidders were required to make a hundred and twenty eight million dollar deposit. Apparently this is a lot of money even for billionaires like backer John Doerr, as TechCrunch notes in its epitaph on the company.

Comcast annouced plans bring 100 megabit speeds to certain areas over the next two years. Comcast also said it would expand its video on demand service from three hundred titles to about six thousand, and finally, Comcast launched something called Fancast, which hosts free episodes of several shows which is available to anyone over the Web – not just Comcast subscribers.

Viacom will allow full episodes from networks including Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon appear on Comcast’s Fancast site, as well as sites including Dailymotion, GoFish, and Veoh.

Panasonic announced that a new line of its high-def TV’s would come with built-in access to YouTube videos. A year ago, Sony announced sets with connections to its Grouper video services, as well as videos on AOL and Yahoo.

YouKu is China’s leading video sharing site, and they just announced they’re serving 100 million videos per day.

Liveblogging is what happens when a blogger types out the real-time minutia of an event, as Engadget did for Philips at CES speech. You can also try dead blogging, like one made from the letters and journal entries of an English soldier in the first world war.

The Beertender is a refrigerated dispenser of draft beer from four-liter mini-kegs. Big news, Americans – it will be coming to the US in March.

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