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image Do you like to watch DVDs from other parts of the World on your PC or Mac?

Do you get frustrated when there is a movie you’d really lie to watch, you load it into your DVD drive only to find it’s the wrong region?

The world is split into different DVD regions – no-one really knows why, some people think that it is to put a stop to DVD importing and exporting. If I were to buy a DVD from the UK right now I can get it for half the price I would here and that’s including the shipping!

Well, there is a piece of software that unlocks your DVD player to play any region of DVD, from anywhere in the world!

The DVD Unlocker software lets you play your region free DVD with just a couple of clicks.

The site is simple and explains a lot too. There is a really long list of supported DVD players too.


p>Check it out [here]