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(ARA) – One out of every four gifts purchased this year will be an electronic item, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. With all those tech toys flying off the shelves as Valentine’s Day approaches, consumers will need all the help they can to get the most out of their technology.

“Whether you are just getting familiar with your new digital gadgets or dusting off old ones, choosing the right memory card or other upgrade option is one of the most important considerations to ensure the best performance,” says Tony Gomez of PNY Technologies.  

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your tech toy, be it a digital camera, cell phone or other device:

* Digital Picture Frames – Digital picture frames make a great solution for sharing and displaying your favorite holiday, vacation, family or other photos. However, most frames have little or no internal memory, so you can only view your pictures from an SD memory card (or other compatible media), otherwise you’re stuck staring at a blank screen. With an extra SD Memory Card, you can keep one in your camera to take more great photos and leave one in the frame so your favorites are always there for your viewing pleasure.  

* Cell or Smart Phone – Today’s cell phones are more advanced than ever, and now let you capture, store and play pictures, video, music, games and more. By adding a MicroSD memory card, you can store more information, and with the proper adapters can use that same storage card in other SD-compatible devices, or even on your USB-port equipped PC.  

“A 2GB, 4-In-1 Mobile Media Kit from PNY is an excellent upgrade option that allows you to capture and transport your favorite content on multiple devices using the same memory card,” Gomez adds. With the kit, you can choose a single memory device to work with virtually all digital cameras, mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, laptops, smart phones or any device that supports an SD card or USB drive. The 4-In-1 Mobile Media Kit contains a MicroSD card and three adapters, converting the MicroSD to a MiniSD card, standard SD card, or a USB drive.

* Point and Shoot Digital Camera – Even many of today’s basic digital cameras shoot high-resolution photos at 10 mega pixels and beyond, and also can take video at up to 30 frames per second. The result is great-looking images and videos you can treasure for years to come. These picture and movie files can get quite large, however, and quickly fill-up older, lower-density memory cards. A Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Card provides photo enthusiasts and other mobile device users the speed and capacity needed to capture the high volume of files to store and share.

* Laptop Computer – While notebook PCs have become more affordable than ever, entry-level models often have small storage capacities or slow performance. Add some memory and a new USB Flash Drive to complement your new laptop. Flash drives are portable, reusable storage devices make a great solution to transport and share digital pictures, music, documents, and more. A USB flash drive provides the ultimate mobile storage solution for anyone on the go. It can be carried in a pocket, a backpack or briefcase. To access files, simply plug the USB drive into virtually any PC or MAC without the need for bulky cables or adapters.  The drive performs in a variety of climates, weather conditions and temperature extremes. Plus, some drives are even enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost to boost system performance if you’re running Windows Vista.  

* Desktop Computer – If your old PC is due for a tune-up, or perhaps your new PC does not have the capacity to take advantage of the latest features in Windows Vista Home Premium, a simple memory upgrade can improve overall system performance. If you would like to have a better overall visual experience, view and edit photos, appreciate the features of Vista Aero, or perhaps play the latest DirectX 10 games, consider upgrading your graphics card.  

* Digital SLR Camera – Digital SLR cameras are now available to aspiring and professional photographers alike. However, with their often-higher resolutions and ability to shoot multiple frames per second, these cameras put higher demands on the memory cards that store your photos. A 4GB CompactFlash card is a high-performance, flash memory card that improves click-to-click speed and write time, so you never miss out on the action.  

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