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image Front Running is a dastardly practice in which despicable people people within domain registrar companies use inside information to snap up domains that are searched for but not registered right away.
Users often just search for a domain thinking “hey, this would be a cool one”‘ or “hey, I wonder if this is available”
Companies that practice front running hold the domain for a few days after the search and give the user the option of buying the domain at an inflated price, keep it, or sell it on other markets.

There have been a number of accusations that Network Solutions has been practicing Front Running.

Well, they are grabbing domains that people search but don’t register, they’re holding them for 4 days and offering them and selling them at a $35 price but Susan Wade, a Network Solutions spokeswoman pointed out that they’re not Front Running, they’re trying to prevent it. (hmmmm ok)

Network Solutions actually considers their new practices a benefit to their customers while bloggers and other users consider it “deplorable”.

Network Solutions claims that because they’re not intending on keeping the domain or monetizing the page that sits there while the domain thus they’re not guilty.

However, $35 is several times the price that other registrars charge for domain registration.

In all – if you search for a domain on Network Solutions you’ll have to pay the price and buy it from them if you want it soon.

ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers) has set up a committee to investigate practices such as these and says that they’re not against current regulations.

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