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Let’s face it – the Hollywood writers strike is making life on Television pretty awful. There isn’t a lot of new material on TV, the repeats got really old really quickly and the award shows are just a joke.

Right or wrong the strike has opened up User Created content online to a whole new world.
Because there is on online user union to complain about things then UC2 (user created content) is now more common than ever.  Recent studies show that more than half of online users have created some sort of online content themselves.

imageYawpBox is a web site where Radio, Television and web collide (as they put it). Yes, you can create content yourself and upload it to the site but what makes YawpBox different is that there is a weekly TV show, shot in Texas, in front of a studio audience that highlights the best content on YawpBox.

Also, unlike other sites they’re not about the kick yourself in the head videos, they’re evidently looking for quality, life experience sharing footage and giving their users their 15 minutes of fame.

YawpBox is about entertaining, witty commentary with fresh content and honest laughs. I like that 🙂

As a plus they have some pretty addictive, fun games on their site too.

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