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[Lisa is great! She even took this picture especially for us!]centro

Lisa Brewster


I grew up in a little ol’ town in Arkansas, but I currently live in San Diego

Application Engineer

Do you use a laptop or desktop? 
I avoided buying a machine I didn’t build from components for a long time, but  now I currently own three laptops and am shopping for a tablet.

Apple or PC? 
I first used a Mac during an art class for college.   I tried to like it, I really did, but having to relearn quirks in an application that I was already proficient with (Photoshop) just about drove me bonkers.  They’ve done wonders for interface design (I even have an OSX style launcher in Vista), but the Windows world is where I belong.

What’s your favorite gadget and why? 
My favorite gadget will always and forever be my phone, no matter what model I may be sporting in future years.  My cell phone is an ubiquitous companion that serves as my sole alarm clock, calendar, task manager, almanac, travel guide, flashlight, navigator, voice recorder, mid-dinner fact checker, and more.  I have more applications installed on my Centro than most of my friends have on their desktops.

What do you use your computer for most? 
According to Wakoopa, I spend most of my time “communicating, doing some office tasks, and surfing the web,” but it should also be noted that I also spend a fair amount of time desiging, coding, and testing new software (I’m a beta hound).

Do you watch TV & Movies on TV or your computer? 
I rarely watch anything anywhere, but since I don’t even own a TV I confess that I will slip onto my friend’s Slingbox every once in a while.

Favorite web site/s? 
Boing Boing, Get Satisfaction, Notemine, Red Ferret, Slashdot, Startup Schwag, TechCrunch, TreoCentral, Wordie

How has tech most affected your life? 
Technology has most affected my life in the relationships it has enabled me to create.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for relationships established on IRC, and I am still meeting new people every single day with exciting opportunities to share.

Do you have any web sites you’d like listed with your feature? 

Anything else? 
I’m also an unorganizer for Barcamp San Diego, a product manager for, and I have a not-so-secret fetish for yellow shoes.