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Where are all the iPhones? Apple says they sold 3.7 million. AT&T says they activated less than two million. Only a few hundred thousand are in Europe. There’s no way all the others have been unlocked. So one analyst thinks they could be piling up, unsold, in stores.

The gaming industry is on fire (in a good way).

First Rupert said the Journal would be free online, then it seemed maybe not – now we have the final word. The Wall Street Journal will not only remain a pay site, but the price is going up.

It’s only been a few days, but billions have already been bid in the FCC’s giant 700Mhz spectrum auction. This solid background piece will tell you everything you need to know about the auction.

The Forbes Midas List is out – a Hot 100 of venture capitalists. Or a Hot Less-Than-100 if you don’t think practicing lawyers and investment bankers qualify as being venture capitalists. The peculiar methodology is kind of explained here and here.

Here they are – the books that make you dumb (and the ones that make you smart)

Hackers are attacking the scientologists. A Dutch school is some early collateral damage.


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