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Yahoo will be laying off about a 1000 people. Alley Insider says Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang is basically asking investors to be patient for another year, according to Alley Insider.

eBay has announced big changes in the company’s fee structure and reputation system. The company will drop its listing fees, but charge more when an item’s actually sold. The shifts will hurt sellers of low-priced items the most, because commissions will increase by almost 60% for items under $25.

Paul McGuinness has been managing U2 for thirty years, and he thinks companies including Google, Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, Yahoo are the knowing beneficiaries of "countless tiny crimes."

An EU court decided that ISP’s do NOT have to hand over the identities of people accused of pirating music through peer to peer networks.

Firefox continues to gnaw at Internet Explorer’s lead.

Digg has just under 3 million users, and has roughly tripled over the past year. TechCrunch points out that the Digg site actually gets a lot more visitors than this.

Videoegg just announced that it sold $1.5 million of advertising for its partners on Facebook over the past five months. But that amounts to about $2000 per application per month. Not much to make a living on.

The analyst who touched off a firestorm by saying unsold iPhones were piling up in stores now thinks the root of this is a lot of unlocked phones, rather than unsold inventory.

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