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Clocks have always been a big part of my life. Growing up there were always clocks all over the house in various forms of working, not working, telling the time and well…. not really telling the time all that well.
Wheels, springs, cogs, spinning things, fingers, faces and more everywhere.

My father even re-built a grandfather clock that was in really poor shape, stand as proudly as a long broken Grandfather clock can after many years in a garage.

We had a grandfather clock, grandmother clock and many smaller clocks everywhere.

Call my dad today on the quarter hour and you’ll have to wait for the clocks to finish before you can continue the conversation. You could say the place goes cuckoo. (funny, right?)

imageAnyway, back to the point of this post.

I was introduce to a couple of new sites today. which is, pretty much, a blog about clocks and everything to do with them. It’s regularly updated and full information about the history of clocks, different kinds of clocks and a whole lot more. They even talk about Grandmother clocks in one of the recent posts (yes, they are real). a really neat clock store full of all kinds of clocks. There are about 7 types of clocks on there as wall decor, watches, and fine jewelry.

I didn’t know there were 7 types of clocks!

I don’t know the difference between a Howard Miller and a Kieninger but I found these sites pretty nice.