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Vistaprint, known for being one of the bigger, more well known online printing services now offers checks as a part of it’s large range of products.

We have a special coupon code for you to get 25 free checks. (after the hop)

As well as your postcards, address labels, magnets, stamps and more you can go to Vistaprint next time you need to reorder checks.

Ordering is  safe, secure and easy. All it takes is an account number and you’re on your way.

There are a few options to choose from. Business Wallet Checks, Personal Wallet Checks, Three To A Page Checks, and computer  printable checks.

Checks tend to be so expensive, especially business checks. It’s not often you find 54 three to a page checks with a ledger for twenty dollars.

As with everything else on Vistaprint you can customize your product too add your own icon or monogram for less than a dollar. Pick from different designs too.

How often do you use checks? do you use them personally? for your business?
I don’t know that I’ve ever written 25 personal checks.

It’s worth a look.


p>I promised you wonderful readers free checks didn’t I? Use the code “BlogFreeChecks08” at checkout to get 25 free checks.