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image You can’t have been paying much attention if you haven’t seen the lifelock advertisements on television. There’s that guy, Tod someone who goes around with his “actual social security number” in 8 foot tall numbers on the side of a truck.

I’ve thought about posting on here about it before now but never had the chance. It’s interesting and pertinent to the blog because online identity theft is something I am often asked about.

What does lifelock do? well, they protect your identity and have a 1 Million dollar guarantee behind it. All for $10 per month. Yes, some of the things that they do can be done for free but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone take care of it for you?

They liken it to changing your car oil. Yes you can do it and it takes a little knowledge but it’s nice if you don’t have to do it and worry about it.

The lifelock web site goes into detail about what lifelock does for you as a member, how they take care of your identity and what they do if someone does get a hold of your identity and decides to misuse it


p>Check out lifelock to learn more.