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There are a bunch of companies selling batteries out there.
We like to highlight as many as possible here to give you some options. came to my attention today. It’s a really nice looking web site. In fact I was quite impressed when I saw it.
When it comes to batteries there are a lot of batteries, everything we use takes a battery. In fact, the computer you’re using right now has a battery in one form or another. is simple, laid out well, eye-catching, web 2.0-esque, fresh looking.  It takes some effort to put as many products into a site as they have.

Let’s look at the laptop batteries, I had no problem finding a battery for my trusty Dell Latitude D800, not only did I find batteries but I found a bunch of accessories too!

The prices aren’t too bad either.

Either way, is worth a look while you’re searching for batteries for your devices.