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Michael Arrington posted an interesting article on TechCrunch recently about the future of Social Networking.

This is something I often think of. I ponder regularly about it.

MyBlogLog launched an experiment at SXSW this year that uses Bluetooth to find other bloggers in your immediate vicinity.

The idea is that, once installed on your laptop or Blackberry, and after you put in your MyBlogLog ID you’ll be able to see MyBlogLog members within 30 feet of where you are.
Showing you “People around you” and “People encountered most”.

Interesting idea? yes, it is. in Pittsburgh we have a very active Blogging Community (very, very active).

Does this concept make blogging too local? I think that there is a time and a place for finding local bloggers. Naturally there is a time and a place to find other bloggers.

Maybe this specific technology would be best used at events, conferences, shows, PodCamps and situations like that.

What do you think?

Read more at [TechCrunch]