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Pittsburgh, PAWhile traveling in the UK Dad would spot a Manx License plate somewhere and leave a note on the windshield saying “hi” Random and kind of weird but I hope it would have made a few people smile.

I’ll never forget, during one of many fire company related classes we were discussing ‘Tot Finder’ stickers. You know, the ones that you see in Windows so that firefighters know there is a child in that room in case of emergency. They’re good and bad. People know there is a child in that room, at the same time people know there is a child in that room.

I just posted on TechBurgh about a new experiment in which you are able to find bloggers within 30 feet of you using your laptop or mobile device. It got e to thinking on a larger scale.
Would there be advantages to this kind of technology in broader markets?

Of course I got to thinking Emergency Service wise. What if you could find emergency personnel in your area? On the scene of an accident? need help? How about if you’re in town looking for a nice restaurant? maybe you ca hit up some very local knowledge.

I’m sure dating and singles site could find a use for this too.

I know there are web sites doing this but they’re not doing a very good job, surely there’s a better way to do it.

Would you like a device that allows you to find people, locally to you. Would you be interested in knowing who/where people are who have common interests? Could it be more of a danger than anything else?

What areas or fields do you think we could use social locating technology?