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Fountain PenIf there’s one thing worse than the price of gas (petrol?!) it’s the cost of Ink and Toner.

There’s really no need for the big name manufacturers to mark it up so heavily.

Yes, you can buy 3rd party manufactured ink but you likely void your printer warranty if you use it.
You can buy refill kits, risking blowing up your cartridge and overusing the head and again voiding whatever warranty there is.

The only other option is to be hung up by your thumbs by the manufacturers and pay more per gallon of ink than you would to fill your car.

The 3rd party manufacturers aren’t so bad. As long as you go to someone reputable and get the right cartridge. They can be a darned sight cheaper that’s for sure.

I’ve  heard that can be pretty good. They  list the stores that sell discounted ink and toner cartridges as well as coupons for the stores (which is nice).

Do you know of any sites like this? are there any others that list or review ink and toner stores online?

Do you know of any good sites that offer tips and tricks? trouble shooting information and stuff?


p>What if my funky Brother multi function printer throws a wobbler and dies – do you know a good place (apart from Brother) where I can find some support?